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Muscle Car

Muscle Car is based on Nostalgia Muscle Car  with relaxed drive train rules.  The full rules are posted below.  If you are legal For NMC you will be legal for Muscle Car.   Most cars with Factory style spoilers, scoops and body parts are legal regardless of engine type or mods.  Like NHRA Top Stock.

No trans brakes,  two steps,  delay boxes, stutter boxes, automated throttle stops, automated shifters etc.

AA/MC- 6.40 / 10.00,  A/MC- 6.72 / 10.50, B/MC- 7.04 /11.00, C/MC- 7.36 / 11.50, D/MC- 7.68 / 12.00

E/MC- 8.00 / 12.50 ,  F/MC- 8.32 / 13.00, G/MC-  8.64 / 13.5,  H/MC- 8.96 / 14.00

Muscle Car

Class Designations and Indexes

1/8         1/4

AA/MC                 6.40        10.00

A/MC                    6.72        10.50

B/MC                     7.04        11.00

C/MC                     7.36        11.50

D/MC                    7.68        12.00

E/MC                     8.00        12.50

F/MC                     8.32        13.00

G/MC                    8.64        13.50

H/MC                    8.96        14.00

Class Description

Muscle Car is an index style foot brake class for the year models and body styles that represent the muscle cars of the 1960’s and 70’s.

All run, Sportsman ladder, 0.500 Full tree, Handicap start on indexes with breakout.

Participants qualify against indexes.

Eligible Year Models and Body Styles

AMC   1964-1979

Chevrolet    1955-1979

Pontiac    1955-1979

Ford    1955-1979

Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth     1955-1979

Buick     1960-1979

Oldsmobile    1960-1979

Mercury    1960-1979



Cooling System

Radiator and water pump required


Engine brand must match body.  V8 only.  Big blocks or small blocks allowed in all body styles.

Headers and Exhaust

Any collector headers and exhaust allowed .   No zoomies.  Exhaust must exit to rear.

Fuel System

Electric fuel pump must shut off with Master Cutoff Switch.  Stock fuel tank if used must be retained in factory location.  Modified pickup and outlet permitted.

Fuel Cells allowed.  Must be located in trunk and the trunk must be separated from driver’s compartment with 0.024 steel or 0.032 aluminum bulkhead and the cell must be vented to outside of car. Fuel cell must have metal box protecting portion that protrudes thru trunk floor.   Plastic fuel cells must be grounded to chassis.


Race gas, pump gas, or E85 only.

Nitrous Oxide, Supercharger, Turbocharger, Intercooler/ Aftercooler


Cylinder Block

Any  factory V8 or factory based V8 aftermarket block allowed.  Cast iron or aluminum.  4.90 maximum bore spacing.


Any carburetor combination or brand may be used in any class.

Fuel Injection

Permitted on ehicles originally equipped with EFI or MFI.  May be replaced with unit of same basic design and performance.

Intake Manifold

Any style or brand intake allowed in all classes.




Clutch must be operated manually by driver’s foot.  No electric, pneumatic or hydraulic devices unless stock equipment.


Any type automatic or manual transmission allowed in all classes.  All shifts must be made by driver without the aid of electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic devices.

No two steps.  No trans brakes.



4 wheel brakes mandatory.  Automated brakes or traction control of any type prohibited.  Line lock permitted on front brakes only.

Shock Absorbers

One operative shock per sprung wheel.


OEM style steering required.


Front suspension must be factory style for vehicle year and make.  Stock attachment location for front suspension components required.  Aftermarket direct bolt in components permitted.

Rear suspension must be stock style.

Wheelie Bars




Stock frame required but may be strengthened with the addition of braces and notched or moved inward for rear tire and wheel tub clearance.

Ground Clearance

4 inches minimum.

Wheel Base

Must retain stock wheelbase with a maximum variation of one inch from left to right and front to back.



Front tires must have a minimum tread width of 4.5 inches and minimum diameter of 26 inches.

Rear tires are limited to 11.5 inch width.


Wheels must be min. 14 inch diameter front and rear.  Spindle mount wheels prohibited.

Period correct wheels encouraged but not required.


Must have full factory seating , upholstery, and carpeting.  Aftermarket upholstered bucket seats permitted.  Full dashboard required.   Aftermarket  gauges  permitted.  Rear seat may be removed when roll bar/roll cage is installed.  Area must be carpeted or upholstered equivalent to factory.


Topless cars prohibited.  Light weight replacement parts permitted for hood and bumpers.  External modifications to any body part or panel that alters the stock bodyline and contours is prohibited.   Hood is required.  The body must be finished and painted.

Spoilers and Wings

Aftermarket spoilers and wings prohibited.


Stock firewall in stock location required.

Floor/Trunk Pan

Complete stock floor in stock location mandatory.  Floor/trunk pan modifications permitted for clearance purposes of ladder bars, mufflers, and fuel cell.  Material used must be same type and thickness ( or thicker) as original.

Hood and Scoop

Hood required.  Hood scoops limited to OEM equipment or period style. Hood Scoop may be no higher than 4 inches. Pro Stock style scoops prohibited.  The entire induction system must be covered by hood or scoop which must be part of the vehicle hood.

Windshield and Windows

Must be OEM safety glass.   All windows must be operable.


Complete stock appearing bumpers required.

Fender Splash Pans

OEM or aftermarket full fender splash pans required.  Splash pans may be trimmed to allow clearance for headers.  Removable fender splash pans acceptable.


A full production grille is required for the body style used.  Covering in front or behind grille is prohibited.

 Inner Wheel Wells

Aftermarket wheel tubs permitted.  Material  used to widen wheel tub may be steel or aluminum.

Outer Fenders

Leading and trailing edges of fenders may be trimmed a maximum of 2 inches for tire clearance.

Ram Air

Any aftermarket or fabricated ram air unit permitted that is not visible from outside of vehicle.


OEM or aftermarket doors permitted.  Driver and passenger doors must be functional and operable from inside and outside of vehicle.



Battery may be relocated


Any battery powered ignition allowed that does not incorporate traction control.

Rev limiters allowed for max safety limit only.


All entries must be self- starting with on- board starter.


Bracket racing aids such as optical sensors, delay boxes, stutter boxes, and automated throttle stops are prohibited.  The application or use of any device that permits the driver to ascertain the position of their vehicle with relation to the starting line is prohibited.

Data Recorder

Data recorders are prohibited unless included in the function of an ignition system with no additional sensors.

Tow vehicles