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Atlanta $10,000 Krackle ‘Cade Parade


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ATLANTA $10,000 Krackle’Cade Information

October 24, 2015

The Krackle’Cade is open to restored and replica drag racing cars that are 1979 and older.  THIS INCLUDES ALL TYPES OF DRAG RACING CARS.  NOT JUST NITRO BURNERS.  ALL ARE WELCOME!  Cars can be gas, alcohol or nitro.  $25 Car and Driver.  Nitro burning ( 80% MIN. ) cars receive free entry and 5 gallons of  nitro!

The cars will be pitted beside the tower on the pit side. It will be a premium site that will allow for generous traffic and viewing of these masterpieces of drag racing history.  We greatly appreciate the effort that all of you put into these creations and would love for you to share them with the type of crowd that will truly appreciate them.

Static starts in pits require proper jack stands or drive shaft removal.  Practice push start session will be Friday TBD.  The Krackle”Cade will be approximately at 8:30 pm following final eliminations on Saturday.  All directions of the Krackle’Cade  Coordinator are final and must be cooperated with to ensure a safe event.

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